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Christmas without you.  / Sue McCarthy (Mom)  Read >>
Christmas without you.  / Sue McCarthy (Mom)
Dear Kyle-
Christmas without you was even harder this year for some reason. Christmas Eve was especially hard on Mom. Early Christmas Eve morning I woke up at 4:00-Just couldn't sleep and put on one of our home Christmas video's just to see you and hear your beautiful voice again. Just seeing you and hearing you again made it so hard to believe that you are really gone.It's  terribly hard to believe that. Maybe that's what is keeping me going-thinking this is all a dream and that I'll see you again someday.(deep down I know it's me knowing I'll WILL see you again but will be up in Heaven)  Anyway, I cried so hard, especially when the part came on of you and your religion class singing "Angels Amoung Us" by Alabama. You were about 10 yrs. old and you were dressed as a little shephard boy. To hear that song and to see your beautiful face, just broke my heart. Then at Grandma Liz's house on X-mas Eve, feeling so sad, I went upstairs just to look at your picture's on her frig, and "Angels Amoung Us" was playing on the radio!! (Thank you Kyle and God) for sending me that Beautiful message, as sad as it was. Dad, Meg and Don  are having an especially hard time too.
We only wish to have you back Kyle-but as I've said, You were just "too BEAUTIFUL" for this world, but that doesn't make the missing you any easier for we all love you with all our hearts and our family just isn't the same anymore. Having that extra excitement on Christmas morning and at the Grandma's  Christmas' was totally missing without you.
Anyway, knowing you're happy and up in Heaven with God and Jesus, Grandpa's, Uncle Jim and Craig, all comes before our sadness for you mean the world to us.
ALWAYS feel all the love that our hearts are feeling for you. Someday-we will all be together as a family again in Heaven, then it will be forever! and nothing can ever take that away from us-
Love you Kyle!
Mom Close
To Kyle & Family  / Leo's Mcphee Family   Read >>
To Kyle & Family  / Leo's Mcphee Family
I miss you a lotttt  / Kim Willems (Friend)  Read >>
I miss you a lotttt  / Kim Willems (Friend)


I miss you a lot. I wish you were still here because we need more people like you. But you were unique and we just more nice people.

I am soo sorry that i couldn't be at your memory bowl, but don't worry, my thoughts were with you the WHOLE day. I would have loved to come even though i'm not a very good bowler....=]

I love you and miss you a lot Kyle. <3

xoxo always and forever,

memorial / Ty Randerson (friend)  Read >>
memorial / Ty Randerson (friend)

Kyle I know you were looking down upon us all at the memorial last weekend. Your mother is an amazing planner and arranged an amazing time bowling and raised almost $3,000. We all had a great time and we all miss you so dearly. I hope your having fun up in heaven.

     Ty Randerson

1st year without you  / Mom   Read >>
1st year without you  / Mom
Hi Sweetheart-
I am so frozen in time and feels just like yesterday that we started this nightmare. Going through each day brings back the harsh sadness of loosing you. My mind keeps telling me what happened but I just can't quite eccept that you're gone. Your shoes, jacket and hats are still in the laundry room like you should be coming home anytime now. While I was out by you yesterday, I prayed to God with all my heart that he could take us back a year, that we're just dreaming, and we could have changed everything. Still seems like we're in a dream. Maybe when we wake up, we'll be in Heaven with you which I know will be some day. What an honor that both Appleton East and James Madison had a moment of silence for you today. I wish I could have been there to share that touching moment though it must have been very sad.  Much of the football team had your initials in their helmets tonight too.You've impacted so many people and have touched their lives with you leaving us. What an honor. I am so proud of you and what a beautiful boy you were here on earth. You were truly an Angel on earth and now you're our Angel in Heaven. I know you were just too beautiful to be in this world. Somehow, I know God knew what he was doing. I can't believe what awesome friends you have and see how much they miss you. I'm so glad I was able to share you with the world, but was too short of a time.
Well, you sleep tight up there and be with you're friends and family.
Love you with all my heart sweetie-
Feel all my hugs and kisses.
Kyle, we love you  / Kim Willems (Friend (art buddie) )  Read >>
Kyle, we love you  / Kim Willems (Friend (art buddie) )
I miss you sooooooo much.

Today in school, there was a moment of silence and it seemed as though you were talking to each and every one of us, saying that you were ok where you were.

Ocotber 10 2005, whoaa, it seems like soooooo long ago. I remember when Mrs. Rufe came in and told us that u had left this wonderful world of ours. No one knew how to react and there were rumors. Lots of rumors. I just missed you so much that I didn't to listen to the rumors. I knew they weren't true anyway. I just didn't really know how to respond to everything and everyone. On Wednesday night, I missed religion to come see my art buddie one last time. I wanted to meet your wonderful family. I cried so much that night. 

I still cry every once in awhile because I miss you and my gramma so much. I miss my art buddie!!!!

I would do anything to have you back in this world. I miss you and I loveee you forever and ever.

No one can ever replace my art buddie...

I love you very much.

Love always and forever,
Kyle <3  / Kim Willems (Friend)  Read >>
Kyle <3  / Kim Willems (Friend)


It has been almost a whole year since October 10th, the day we found out our beloved classmate had passed away.

I think you have the GREATEST family Kyle, your mom is just the sweetest thing ever. I wish this didn't happen. Your family is just so great. 

I really wish I could attend your memory bowl, but ALL my thoughts and prayers will be with you forever and ever. My dad and brother will probably be bowling with everyone there.

I love you so much Kyle and I miss you a lot.

Love Always and Forever,

In my dreams  / Mom (mom)  Read >>
In my dreams  / Mom (mom)

Had another dream about you the other night. It was SO REAL. Sometimes I believe it's really you coming to me in my dreams. You were in the back yard and you were wearing your red sweatshirt, kakhi pants and your hat. I couldn't believe it was really you and I was so thankful to have you back! I kissed you and kissed you and thanked God for giving us a second chance with you. I remember telling you not to  try anything like the choking game again because I didn't want to loose you all over again. You were just as sweet as you always were and felt SO GOOD to hug and kiss you. It was so real. But then I woke up and it broke my heart knowing it was  only a dream. But at least for that short moment I had you and it felt so good to have you back. I would do anything to get you back but I have to remember you are in a much better place. Miss you with all my heart. Always feel mom's love!!! 

We miss you  / Kim Willems (Friend)  Read >>
We miss you  / Kim Willems (Friend)

I miss you so much. My life is not the same without you and never ever will be. I miss talking to you at school and I miss that one extra smile in 9th hour that you made me have. That one last smile is turned to a frown and tears welling in my eyes when I think about you. Losing you as a friend has helped me realize how much my friends mean to me. When my friend who didn't know about you because she lived in a different city heard about you (from me) she said that she sometimes played the choking game with friends but only very lightly and not often. I said, don't ever do it again, i'm saving your life. I don't know if she is still doing it or not but I hope she isn't seeing as we are close friends and I don't want to lose her too. 
I am really going to have a tough time at school this year. Every second I think of you and your family.
While I was at church camp, I talked about you so much and I prayed for your well being as well and your family's well being.
God Bless you and your family.
Love always and forever,

always sad  / Ty Randerson (friend)  Read >>
always sad  / Ty Randerson (friend)
Kyle i have missed u since the first day you were gone and i will never stop missing you. I remenber the last thing we talked about, i hadnt seen you all year before it because i didnt know what team you where on but i was sad to know you wernt on mine but then one day in the lunch line i saw you sitting on one of the circle tables next to the line and i got out of line and knelt down and we started talking about religion and what classes we were in then we talked a little longer and i got back in line the next day I heard something about what happend and i almost fell 2 my knees and broke out in tears i couldnt believe you were gone and i havnt been whole since Close
Happy 14th Birthday Kyle  / Kim Willems (Friend)  Read >>
Happy 14th Birthday Kyle  / Kim Willems (Friend)

I miss you so much! Happy 14th birthday!  I hope you are having a great time in heaven. Be sure to check on your family and friends, as we are thinking of you all the time. 
It's your birthday today! YAY!  You are 14 years old! I am so far behind you, my birthday is in April!!! I can imagine what it would be like to have you back. Life would be almost normal again, the anniversary of my grandma Willems' death is this Saturday.  I was really close to her. That makes this week especially difficult.
I hope you have a great birthday and have a great time in heaven. I hope you get everything you have ever hoped for from people you know. We are all giving you lots of love, that is your biggest present of all. Ever since I was a little kid I've always imagined playing games in heaven, have you done that? Be sure to learn to play cribbage with my Grandma Willems. She'd like that.
Love you Kyle.

Happy Birthday Kyle  / Mom   Read >>
Happy Birthday Kyle  / Mom
Remembering 14 years ago tonight.  I remember going to bed and being woken up about 12:00 with labor pains. Being my third child, and so tired, I thought I would sleep a bit until they got worse. On and off-until about 3:30 I woke up Dad-we took Meg and Don to Grandma's. They wheeled me up to my room and at 4:30 am I was blessed with my precious Kyle. Dad was so glad to have another hunting buddy and Meg and Don were glad to have a little baby brother. We didn't have a middle name for you until about the 2nd day. I mentioned to Dad about naming you after him. He was so happy to have Kyle Kelly McCarthy. Since you were little, you were ALWAYS laughing and SMILING. You were like this little toy, full of fun and energy and always brought a smile to anyones face. You had that signature smile since you were just a baby. You brought us much happiness and love. You were always wanting to give people all you had inside you. Your thoughtful ways, your love of life-always wanting to do something fun-you kept us on our toes and always brought life to our house. We miss you more than words can ever say but I am so honored and blessed to be chosen to be your mother. Nothing can ever take that away. You will be mine forever and my love will last forever for you. No mother could have loved you more than me. I miss my sweet little Kyle and love you so very deeply. I remember saying our prayers every night and asking God to bless everyone we loved. You were the sweetest little boy.  I lay on your pillow every night and give you a kiss and still say the same night time prayers we used to say. I ask God to bless my chldren, both here on earth and  in Heaven. Have fun up there on your special 1st Birthday in Heaven. I will pray to God to make it special and may you have fun with Craig,  Uncle Jim and your Grandpa's. Feel my heart being passed to you -just like all the little heart shape signs you've been sending me since you left. God bless you today and always-Happy Birthday Kyle
With all my love 
Mom Close
I miss you Kyle  / Hayden Seis (calss mate and friend )  Read >>
I miss you Kyle  / Hayden Seis (calss mate and friend )
i miss you kyle very much ! we were like friends ! kyle i miss you with all my heart i wish i could see you agein but i cant . i miss you very much . our resouse miss's you too !
you were a good friend of mine kyle . you dont know how much i miss you kyle. it is like you are still there ! i think you are allways there for me kyle. i will allways love you and miss you very much . iam sure your sister miss you too. this is what i said in your yearbook . hayden seis i miss you very much kyle rest easy. i miss you very much kyle . mrs. adoms miss you very much and she talk about you evrey time . 
your friend , hayden seis
Kyle, we miss you  / Kim Willems (Friend from art class )  Read >>
Kyle, we miss you  / Kim Willems (Friend from art class )

We miss you more than anything. 12/12/12 is never the same! You had the best creativity in our group in art and you weren't afraid to ask questions that we would answer. You weren't sassy or snobby and you always had the brightest smile that no one ever forgot. I have so many memories even though we weren't the closest. The 2 that stick out was when I got my braces on you said that it looked cool!  That ROCKED! Also when I was having a really terrible day you told me everything would be alright. That was the sweetest thing anyone ever said to me.  Life will NEVER be back to normal and even though we weren't close, I think we were as close as close can be. I'm kind of a dork, mainly because I act weird around my friends, but you are the coolest, kindest kid I've EVER met!

We miss you in art (now tech. ed)!
Have fun this summer!
Kim :)

missing you today  / Mom   Read >>
missing you today  / Mom
Hi Sweetheart
This was the saddest Mother's Day ever. Yesterday was the toughest going through some of your school works from when you were alittle boy. Seeing the Mother's Day cards you made when you were little brought many hard tears.
Coming across all the hearts you made with your special messages and your hand prints just broke my heart. I kept them all thinking someday when you were grown up, I would look back with joy. It still is a beautiful joy but sadder then what it should have been. I will cherish each piece of art, each card, each precious note you wrote me as long as I live. One that was hard was a note you wrote saying you were sorry and that you I should keep the money on my dresser. You wrapped up some coins and put them on my dresser with the note-it was your sweet thoughtful way of saying you were sorry for some small thing you did. Don't even remember what but you were always such a GOOD little boy.! I thought I was going to die from a broken heart yesterday just missing you. Wish I knew why God is putting us through all this pain. I sure know your brother and sister don't deserve this saddness-they are such good and loving kids. Just need to have faith-that's our only peace. People did such beautiful things for me today. Grandma gave me a beautiful card, Wendy and the kids gave me the beautiful Willow Tree Angel of me and you and beautiful flowers meant to be from you. Sharon also gave a rose to you this year and a rose plant for me. Meg, Don and Dad gave me flowers and the beautiful scrap book of our family which brought beautiful tears. I will look at it often with special thoughts of the beautiful memories we had as a family in the happy years. Give us the strenghth to carry on without you. None of us can think we can so we need your help. We will cherish your memories like gold from Heaven. I thank God with all my heart for choosing me to be your Mom. That alone is the greatest gift-only wish I had more years to be you Mom down here. Each day I'm here, I one day closer to being with you.
Feel all my hugs, kisses and all my love. They are always there coming your way. I'll talk to you again tonight in my prayers.
Mom Close
memorys / Derek Schmitting (friend)  Read >>
memorys / Derek Schmitting (friend)
Kyle... it seems its been so long. it's hard and weird here without you. i miss seeing you in the halls everyday. i miss not having any classes with you anymore. i will miss all the memorys we had and were going to make. i miss you so much and i wont let anyone forget you. Close
i miss you  / Derek Schmitting (friend)  Read >>
i miss you  / Derek Schmitting (friend)
kyle you were always a great friend,
it is so different with out you.
i miss you a ton and cant wait to see you again.
have fun in heven! Close
heaven / Sue McCarthy (Mom)  Read >>
heaven / Sue McCarthy (Mom)
Hi Sweetheart
Easter was quite sad without you and was thinking about you so much today.
We  know that because of Jesus, you are in the most beautiful place forever and we will come some day too. But this past week has been especially hard with the 6 month mark and Easter and all the memories. We missed having the Easter egg hunt this morning but still put your Easter basket out for you. Sometimes it's so hard to keep going but know I must for Meg and Don. They miss you so much and are having a hard time dealing with losing you and I pray to God to give them strength. I wish I could fly up to see you, only if it 's for a few moments just to see the beauty and how happy you really are. Have to put my trust in God, but wish I could get a glimpse of Heaven and you.
  The sunset you and God gave this evening was the most beautiful gift! It was like you were saying -I'm ok Mom-It's beautiful here!  I remember how you loved sunsets and when the sun was shining through the clouds, you would say how it looked like Heaven and  thought of Grandpa and Craig.Now we will think of you too (and Uncle Jim) and think of the beauty of Heaven. 
  Remember, your's is the first face I want to see when I leave this earth.
I can't wait to see your beautiful smiling face there to greet me and to hold you again. Come to me again in my dreams. They are so beautiful and it feels good to have you again, even if it's only for a few golden moments. Catch all the kisses I send your way. I love you and miss you with all my heart.
Mom Close
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