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Meggie Besaw lit a candle on 10/10/2018: "Hey Ky, I have never gotten myself to do this before. Missing you extra today, love and think about you all the time."
Meggie Mccarthy lit a candle on 01/09/2018: "Hey bud, missing you lots! Wish you were here you would sure be the life of the party. Love you!"
Gramma Lyndi lit a candle on 10/10/2017: "Thinking of Kyle and his famiy on his 12th Angelversary. 12 years in May for us also."
Kevin Lembcke lit a candle on 06/22/2017: "Found the bracelet like you always wore tonight and it made me think of you. Miss you and I still think about you."
Yia Yang lit a candle on 06/11/2017: "Hey old friend. How you doing up there? I hope your doing good. Still cant believe its been 12 years already."
Kevin Lembcke lit a candle on 10/09/2014: "Sending my love up above today. I still miss that smile and laugh; love you to the moon and back."
Aunt Wendy lit a candle on 04/26/2014: "Stopping by to let you know you are loved and missed. Our little ones still speak of you often with love. Love you!"
Ali Eastman lit a candle on 04/21/2014: "Thinking of you today Kyle as I write my speech, and almost every day since I started college. Love and miss you bud."
Wendy Day lit a candle on 12/14/2013: "As I was writing a note to Kyle early this morning, one of my sweetest students passed away this morning. Bless u Jenna!"
Wendy Day lit a candle on 12/14/2013: "Thinking about you today, Kyle, and how much the family misses you every day. You are our Christmas angel."
Kevin Thompson lit a candle on 12/05/2013: "Just found your memorial site Kyle. It's hard to believe it has been 8 years. Just know I will never forget. God Bless!"
Mom lit a candle on 10/20/2013: "Was a hard the other week but Aunt Lori reminded me to just remember the good memories. Bless her Kyle :)"
Coach Tooley lit a candle on 10/13/2013: "Kyle, it seems like it was yesterday that you and ur dad came by for dinner before ur hunt. FIMH, Coach"
MOM lit a candle on 06/27/2013: "Have a beer with Grandpa,Craig & Uncle Jim tonite!Happy 21 B-day Sweetie.Love you tons! XOXOXO"
Your Family lit a candle on 06/27/2013: "Happy 21st B-Day Kyle. Have a Bud Light with us tonite as we celebrate with U. We'll send a b-day balloon up yr way! xo"
Meggie lit a candle on 04/23/2013: "Been thinking of you a lot lately , I miss you so much! Love you hope to c u in my dreams soon! Xoxo"
Emily Moon lit a candle on 10/11/2012: "You are loved and missed by many! I look forward to catching up w/ you some day, you're in my thoughts & prayers <3"
Cody Kiley lit a candle on 10/10/2012: "miss playing football with you kyle. i hope youre having fun up there"
Your Family lit a candle on 10/10/2012: "Kyle~oh what we would do to get u back with us again.We miss u terribly. So sad this time of yr. Love U forever & ever<3"
Mary Willems lit a candle on 10/09/2012: "Our family will never forget the impact that Kyle had on everyone he met - esp. our girl Kim. Thinking of you"
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